"Grow Yourself Complete"

Just Because

Be happy just because you can choose this for yourself.

Just be kind because it feels better within yourself to do so.

Just be true because, in actuality, you are living the truth of you.  It may come out, up and off as something different but eventually, the truth always has to be lived on the outside of ourselves as well.  So, just let it be so without energy of pretending, being, living, doing, breathing and/or acting otherwise.

Just forgive.  Forgive so that every time a past, hurtful experience comes up, it won’t be still hurting us now.  Just forgive because you want to live in peace.  Just forgive because you want the freedom that it encompasses.  Just forgive, because in not forgiving we may be the only ones that are hurting ourselves in the now.  Just forgive and let go because it allows you to expand and not stay constricted in this (what is left as) that turns into being just our thoughts of.

‘Just be you’.. because you wouldn’t want to be (or know how to be) any one else and you are the one that you are here to experience and be.

May you choose to live from your happy and loving place.. just because.