"Grow Yourself Complete"

Just Because

I write just because I can.

I write just because it is a release for me.

I write just because I get informed.

I write just because I care about others.

I write in hope that I can make your day just a little bit better; a little lighter; and to be connected to you.

I write because something inside of myself encourages me to.

Do you know why you do the things that you do…  I’m not sure it matters to know.  I think it may matter more to do what is inside of you to do regardless of the why.

It may matter more to be kind, open, loving, caring and supportive to one’s self and each other.

It may matter more to live the life that is inside of you to live; to share the you that you truly are.

Perhaps, when what is inside of us matches what is outside of our own self, as our own self, we are whole.

Perhaps, we are born to learn how to be whole.

As we are whole, we can, perhaps, learn to say we are who we are…  just because.

May you give yourself permission to be who you are…  just because.

And, in this just because-ness, may you know contentment, ease, and the greatest power that you will ever know here on earth, yourself.

You were born of something bigger than yourself.  The all-ness that touches each of us.

May you honor this all-ness by doing your part – the part that only you can – the part that is YOU.

Much love, light and hope…  just because.