"Grow Yourself Complete"


Tis the season to be joyful…  I believe that when there is joy in my heart and joy on my face, I am sharing joy; true joy with our world.

When joy is not inside of myself, I can pretend to be joyful.  And, yet, there is no fooling ‘Santa’…  In truth, I do not want to.  I do want to live from my authentic self as often as possible.

As I allow joy and the meaning of the season to prosper inside of myself, I allow and open up to sharing joy with whoever I come in contact with.

My truth is my greatest treasure.  And what makes it really exciting for me is that, perhaps, my truth is also your greatest treasure.

As your truth is what makes you you, the truth of you is, perhaps, our world’s greatest treasure.

When we stand, live, share, be in our truth, we can do nothing but walk down the path that really is for us.  In our truth, we create our best self.  We connect to our greatest power.  We live our greatest life.

May you stay, be, live in the truth of who you are and what you feel.

When you feel joy, share it.  When you feel anger, share the truth of it from a place of joy because you are aware and recognize the emotions and feelings that are yours to own.  These emotions and feelings, when coming from a place of awareness, love and allowance, lead us home to ourselves.

Our pain and sorrow is not so much the truth as the reason behind the pain and sorry.  The story we live and the story(ies) we tell ourselves.

May you live true and prosper!