"Grow Yourself Complete"

Is it YOU that You’re Looking For…

I sit at my computer and look to see who is connecting to me today and I am grateful and I thank the universe (God) for people connecting to me.  It makes me feel good.  It helps me to feel connected and it helps me to feel whole.  And, it brings me much happiness.  I always hear myself thinking “please let my ‘work’ connect to everyone that it is supposed to”.  This is one of my greatest prayers and wishes.

With social media, I can get caught up with the amount of likes and views.  I can, at times, feel my worth balancing with same.  And, deeper down, it is the connection that makes me feel fulfilled.

When asked to say one word about myself I often see myself saying ‘connected’.  Deep connection is important to me.  It is what I wish for; what I want; what I desire and what brings me to my own wholeness.  It is loving and open connection to you [and to myself]  that I greatly enjoy.  When connections can benefit us all, it is one of life’s greatest blessings.

I know that I am supposed to – was born to – help others to acquaint their self with what they already know and are.  My desire to be me; the life I’ve lived; the classes I’ve taken; the lessons I’ve learned; the paths I’ve crossed; the credentials I’ve earned are what “Just 9Be U” is built on and originated from.

When we are connected to our own self and believe in and share the depth of ourselves, magic happens.  Be open to magic happening.  Know thyself.

May you always seek your truth within and live your truth without.   Let what you feel on the inside be shown as same on the outside; from a place of love, trust, kindness and awareness.  Do YOU with what you are; what you feel; what you know; what you think; and where you are as best as you can – as loving as you can.  As we empower ourselves, we empower others.  I say it is always time to

Empower on!

   Go deep.  Get high.  Ha.  (unknown picture)