"Grow Yourself Complete"


May she ‘play’ in the sea and stay away from the land.

With Irma coming right at us, here in South Florida, it is a weird and strange day.  I am staying informed, doing everything that I can and gathering as many options as possible.  We plan to ride the storm out.

I have never done this before.  The possibilities that can play in my head can be non-stop and worse case scenarios.

I am asking everyone (that I can) to send us love and not worry.  When my loved ones think of us and feel worried, may they go to love and stay in love as best they can.   May they choose love over worry.

May we stay in love and not worry as best we can.

Be prepared and have faith.  Dawn always comes after the dark.  Always.

We have a ‘safe room’ in an under the stairwell closet.  It is an inner wall closet and the safest place without windows and any outside walls.

I have a whole lot of unknown coming up just now with a huge catastrophic hurricane coming my way.  My daughter is out of state and I am so grateful for this.  She is sending us love and not worry and this goes a long way.  I always and forever send her love.

It will be my husband, the two dogs, a cat and myself.  We are in for an interesting time.

All I can do is prepare, be aware, have faith and trust and bring my best self to it.  Ride it out.

May you be prepared, be aware, have faith and trust and bring your best self into your own life.

This is the best of living, the best of life, the best of us and the best of our world.

My nephew had his first baby girl this morning!  The first baby of this generation!

Life goes on and on and on.   Miracles happen every day.

May you notice the miracles.  May you feel your heart expand.  May you be true to what is.

We ride out the storms and feel great gratitude in the dawn of the constant and the new.  

Namaste’.  I’m grateful for you.  I’m grateful for love.  I’m grateful to have any peace at all in the face of the storm…   I am peace.

How I feel will not change the outcome, it will change the ride.  I am choosing peace (as best as I can).