"Grow Yourself Complete"


It seems that the intensity has still not peaked for many.  I keep thinking the world has peaked and it can’t possibly get any more intense.  I am learning that I am not correct in this thought; today anyway.

Boundaries are still being questioned, challenged, learned, created, and crossed.  The intensity within, from what people share with me, along with my own experience, is WOWZA.

It is beautiful to watch everyone finding and correcting their way.  It’s difficult to watch the pain, anger and hurt that many may feel.  It’s wondrous the strength of humankind.

How do we know what is ours to own and what is ‘theirs’….  We know.  Deep down we know.  Honor this knowing.  Be truthful in how you feel and how other’s actions make you feel; how you choose to respond.  My hope is that we do not ‘brush it under the rug’ anymore.  We just say it, feel it, be it, share it, and process it. My hope is that we stay connected with love.  When we find ourselves questioning what is, we ask our emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions to blend all together in truth and process whatever is before us in the moment; as much as possible.

If you are experiencing intense feelings, you are not alone.  Trust yourself, trust your Creator, trust yourself to believe and walk through as you.  Do not try not to feel.  Do not ‘try’ anything, perhaps.  Just be.  Just allow ‘it’.  Just believe in everything you know as you experience it with open heart, mind and being.

May you know the peace within.  Allow yourself to sit with stillness and be open to your truth.  If you find yourself judging, ‘nay’ it.  Do not go there.   There is no ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t.  Only what is.

May we all connect to our peace within.  Breathe.  Relax your shoulders.  Feel the support of the chair you are sitting on and feel the support of the ground you are standing on.  Allow love of self to guide you; deep love and breath from within.

If you find that you need to let intense energy go, may you scream out loud in your car; hit a pillow, or jump up and down; whatever works for you.   Allow the flow of energy to flow through you.  ‘Stuck’ is no longer an option.  My wish for all of us.

Namaste’.  At the depth of myself, I honor the depth of you.

May we all know peace from within.