"Grow Yourself Complete"

Insecure Confusion

My day is experiencing [through myself and others] an uncertainty of ‘ugly’ and uncomfortable feelings.  Ugh-ly. !

I hear people that are just irritable and antsy; angry and afraid; sad and uncertain.  I feel much of this myself.  I see turmoil in our world.  I see hatred and ugliness happening.  I see painful situations that are absurd and tragic to me.   (I see beauty and awesomeness also.  However, I feel the need to discuss the upheaval in our world just now.) 

I feel discomfort and stale.  I feel confusion and new situations/thoughts/ways/processes coming through me that are very different than my once formed habitual ways. Some people are sharing with me their guilt in needing to lay low, relax, stay home and heal.  Some are sharing with me that they are not too thrilled with life and living the way of what is. 

I know that we are not where we were.  Many are no longer on autopilot.  We can’t be.  Our world isn’t showing itself to us this way.  Our world is showing itself to us with bombardment of newness, old ways but more ‘in our face’, and many are sharing they just do not know how to move forward easily.  

I hope that through all this ‘turmoil’ and change; that this is the time we create Peace on Earth, happiness within and without; and a better way — a better world in which each and every human can live the life that is inside of us to live.

Yes, this can be considered very deep.  This is life altering stuff.  Our world is crying for love and love is what I want to help it get.

So, in all this display of truth that we may not have shared for so long and wholly, ever, as one world — may we live with open hearts and minds; may we try to understand or at least believe in each other and encourage each other in kindness.  May we believe that what is to come will feel beautiful to ‘bathe’ in —  this energy of everything human and alive, interconnected and built through a divine source.

May we share who we are and the pain inside and the ‘inner knowing’ that is our own and may we share it in a way we feel supported, heard, and from a place of knowing that we matter.  We all matter.  We all breathe now, together; today, because each one of us is important for this beautiful change to occur.  May generations to come not know war, hatred or fear just because of our uniqueness or differences.  May we learn how to embrace and support our uniqueness through love and not through hurting of each other.

May you (think) send love to the hate, joy to the sadness, peace to the turmoil and connection to all that is. This is not the most productive answer.   It is, perhaps, a better answer than ‘fueling’ what hurts us.