"Grow Yourself Complete"

In This Moment

I am learning to say, I feel ____; in this moment.    I am _____; in this moment.

It is in each moment that we experience what we experience.   It is in each moment that this breath counts the most.  It is in each encounter that shows us and makes us who we are.  It is in the now, that we truly live.

My mind can travel to things that happen in the past.   My mind can travel to things that may happen in the future.  I am still in this now moment.

I can choose to stay present and know that this moment I want to live my best in.  I want to be aware of.  I want to experience it.  I want to take a full breath in.

Who knows how I will feel in the upcoming moments, days, months, years, etc.  I am open to being fulfilled and whole in each of them.  My desire is to know that in this moment, if it feels joyous, I will feel it wholeheartedly with gratitude.  In the moments that I don’t feel my best, I can know that it is only this moment.  I can feel it, not want to rapidly change it, and still know gratitude because no matter what is going on, I can still choose love.  I can always choose to be love.

We are all here doing the best we can with where we’ve been, who we are, what we know, what we have experienced, what we believe and where we are going.

We are all human.  We all have made mistakes.  We all experience pain.  We all experience joy.  During each of our lifetimes, the experience of living is huge.  The experiences we accumulate are effective.  The experiences we participate in are better as we participate from the truth of what we are truly experiencing from within and bringing it to the surface and out.

No masks.  No more masks.

May each one of us know that we are enough.  May each one of us be love to our greatest ability.  May each one of us know that in each moment, who you are affects everything and everything affects who you are.  

And, you can always choose to choose love and the effect just may be the life we are best to live…

Live on…  through you…  through love.