"Grow Yourself Complete"

In Each of Us

Is it time for you to begin; continue; complete ‘growing yourself complete’?  If it feels too ‘hard’, read on.

To be who we are, live who we are and enjoy who we are is in each and every one of us.  All that is needed is a willingness, an openness and courage to look our self in the mirror, so to speak, and allow (feel) truth, love, emotions and strong, deep feelings to flow, process, evolve and recreate from what we have taught ourselves (or have been taught) to live like since childhood; to how we are truly living presently; to what brings us most peace and fulfillment to live life in the now and going forward.

I remember being in a gym and saying out loud ‘oh, I wish there was an easier way to get in shape and to looking good/staying strong.’  A person nearby responded ‘at least there is a way’!  Oh how true they were/are.

So, while we may wish there was an easier way of moving forward, creating wholeness, lessening any pain or struggle, knowing peace… at least there is a way!  And, your way is inside of you.  The greatest thing about all of this, perhaps, is that the easiest way to do this is already something you know; something you innately know and are connected to.  !

Everything you need for this lifetime of yours, you already have.  You only need to connect to it, feel it and build upon it.  And, you win.

I want to win.   So, I open my mind, my heart, my belief that I will.  I shut down the noise in my head that asks me ‘who am I to do this’.. ‘it will take way more than I am capable of doing/giving’.. to.. ‘you won’t be able to handle all the demands on yourself’…

Yes.  Yes. I can.  If it is meant for me…  If it is inside of me to want to do it…  If it is inside of me to dream a dream…  If it is inside of me to learn, grow, connect and create…  Then, yes it is.  It is inside of me to let it out.  It is my innate knowing.  It is my innate responsibility.  It is my innate calling.

I am fully open to answer the call…

I am well prepared.  I am ready.  I need to do this.

May my life rain/reign down on me.  I am open to ME.

May your life rain/reign down on you.  May you be open to YOU.

May it be shown (and lived out) to us with as much ease, fun, joy, awesomeness and wonder as possible.  Amen

May you allow thyself to be mesmerized!! as you “Grow Yourself Complete” from the depth of yourself out.