"Grow Yourself Complete"


“I dream of a world where we can walk round the supermarket without feeling like we’re living in a backwards world of processed junk, where communities grow their own food & it doesn’t cost a fortune because it comes from the earth.

Where people genuinely care for each other & take time to listen, where schools teach you to listen to your soul & reach for your dreams & to be an individual.

Where we can talk freely about our fears & anxieties without fear of rejection. Where people don’t care about the latest trends, money, cars..in order to feel ‘worthy’ or to fit in.

Where there is no division, a world government who pulls together to provide for every single person on this planet so that not one of our earth family goes hungry or thirsty ever again.

Where cruelty to animals, children & the elderly is eradicated because we just do NOT tolerate that.

Where children are taught to meditate & that kindness to others & the SELF is of upmost importance.

Where women (and men) simply do not put up with relationship abuse because they instinctively know that they are worthy & can walk away with a heart full of self love that will see them through.

Where bullying in schools is wiped out by teaching yoga, meditation & compassion from a young age.

Where children can keep their innocence whilst still knowing that no one should touch them in intimate places because that is their right.

Where we all realise that every single one of us has a right to be here & that every single one of us is a miracle on a journey of self growth & that mistakes are in fact life lessons & to look forward instead of back.

That love for ourselves & others is THE most important thing.”    Jolene O’Brien

This makes me feel so warm and glowing; wonderful.  It is what is inside of me.  I believe.

May you imagine, connect to and grow what you feel from deep within to create what makes you feel warm and fuzzy! 

May we all connect to the one source from which we are and create ‘warm and fuzzy’ from here; individually, together.  My greatest wish.