"Grow Yourself Complete"

I’m Back

I’m back from my wonderful trip to see and be with my sister and her family.  It was an extra bonus to see my sister-in-law and my niece and, as planned, my dear friend and her family.   I fit a lot in for a short week.!  If I don’t mind me saying so, it was a great week and I did good!  It brought me great joy to hug and spend time with every person I was blessed to encounter.

I did not have blue hands or fingers!  This is huge.  It was cold and I felt the cold but it didn’t seem to hurt me like it has for so long.!   It must be the prolactin that is being made through the new drug I am trying.  I experienced strange and scattered, but very welcomed feelings.

THIS IS HUGE for me.

Forty years this coming year (2017) and for the first time (other than being pregnant) I did not experience painful, hurtful, and blue hands in the cold.

… … …

I sit with this truth for a moment.  What awesome truth!  My mind is still not letting me believe it completely and yet I’ve seen it with my own eyes and experienced it with my own being.

It is interesting how we can separate our own mind from our true reality…  …

May you let your mind be within and about your truth and let this truth carry you ‘home’ into your greatest life; here on earth.

It is my wish and hope that you are finding your way through love, truth and sharing all of you in each situation; as much as possible. 

Honor thyself.  Do not ignore thyself.  Thyself is a blessing.  Thyself is the only person you live your whole life with.  Be kind to thyself.  Thyself is YOU.  Thyself knows everything that is necessary to know in the exact moment(s) that is most helpful to you and your life.   I believe.