"Grow Yourself Complete"

I Awake

I awake earlier these days with the time change.  It is daylight one hour early.  I stir.   I lay in bed for an hour or more reading and ‘playing’ on social media.

I sit out back for a few moments watching nature rise to the day.  A little bird flutters from tree to tree.  The silence is much appreciated.  The temperature is welcomed.  My breath is honored.

I come to my computer and I feel, see and hear the fountain with the water spout dancing with its natural flow.

I feel the chair underneath me supporting me.  I feel the ground at my feet holding me.

I am.   I just am.

It is moments like these where I know ease, I believe in ease.   I believe in life and I believe in myself.

There is nothing I need to do in this moment and I am grateful for this special and precious moment.

I breathe.   I relax my shoulders.  I let go of any tension that I become aware of in my body.  I breathe.

May you notice the moments that are yours that you allow yourself to just be.  May you be one with them, appreciate them and know ‘easy’.