"Grow Yourself Complete"

I am

The beauty of the walk of life ends up in the totality of living one’s whole life.   In the darkness, we can know light.  In the pain, we can know care.  In the mysterious, we can know trust.   In the overall intake of breath, we know living.

This is life.  This is what it is.  Everything that you feel, think, do, say, experience, run away from, hurt, heal, love, and find yourself in the participation of…  is life.   It is you living.

This is it.  It is okay to dream and have goals.  It is okay to know disappointment and success.  It is okay to feel hurt and feel wonderful.  In fact, you are supposed to.

You are here experiencing life.

So with everything that is happening around you and through you – you choose how you want to participate.

May you participate well.   May you participate as the you that you are and the you that you want to be.  May you be the ‘I am’ that you were born to be.

You know if it is You or an imposter.   You have the power to choose and be the person you want to walk through life as.

May you choose well.

(oh my – deep – for me – and I am open to just experiencing and sharing what comes up for me)

I choose me.   I am me.

May you choose you.    May you “Just 9Be U”.  (the 9 denotes completion; be your complete and whole self)