"Grow Yourself Complete"

Holy Smoke Screen

Wow.   I am feeling bombarded by people’s feelings, emotions, truth and fear; along with my own stuff.   We are all so alive just now.  Tingly even.  Most of us are overwhelmed and know that we are here but are uncertain (like we once were certain) of where we are heading.

May you just breathe, allow, embrace and let go.  May you trust yourself and feel what it is that is present in your life and walk through and with your inner truest of truths.

“When life feels like it is falling apart, it may actually be falling into place.”  Unknown

I so believe that this is what is happening in many of our lives just now.

This just may be the most powerful and empowering time in all of history.

May you trust the process of life and trust yourself that you will know and act exactly as you are supposed to [with your best possible self] when the time comes to do so.

Be in this moment and when nothing else, just breathe.  Stay with yourself.  You are truly awesome and powerful.  May you let yourself empower your life.

Just Be U