"Grow Yourself Complete"

Holding Each Other’s Hearts

The bombardment of tragedy in our every day world is loud.  Both natural and man-made disasters and strikes have hit many of us in one way or another.

My heart goes out to those suffering.  I go to sleep sending out love and prayer.  I hold a space of belief in my heart that we, as humans, will create a more loving world.

We will know kindness and support for one another and that each one of us matters.  We will reach out for help.  We will help.

It is my wish, just now, that we will hold each other’s hearts.  Wherever you are, in your mind, you can hold the heart of another.

May we feel the beat of life within each other.  May we respect it.  May we cherish it.  May we support and believe that we can hold each other’s hearts and in doing so, we can connect in love; in the desire to create and live with ourselves being loving, healthy and whole.  

There are many, many, many more people who care and want to help than are lost and only know hurt.

May we let our hearts shine light to dim the hurt [way down].  

May we hold each other’s hearts with the greatest of compassion…

As you love yourself and live from the beauty of your own heart, you are/offer love.

As we hold each other’s hearts, we connect in the way we were meant to connect.  Love not War.  Acceptance not Judgment.  Openness not closed ignorance.

As we bring our most open and loving heart into each situation, we create a space for others to do the same.  The best we can do is live with an open and loving heart.  As we connect to this deep yearning for easy connections, may they happen and be so.

May our hearts be/grow strong and loving together.

I know there can be fear in opening up our own heart.  Pain can be so great when our hearts hurt.  May we trust ourselves that we will be there for our own self no matter what and as we stand strong in our own loving truth, we can get through anything because we choose to ‘love through’.  In loving through, perhaps, we create the most loving option(s) forward.