"Grow Yourself Complete"


Here I am.  Here my body is.  Here my aliveness is.  Here.

Our bodies take up space and continually want homeostasis and it is good to be aware of the space we take up and the balance or imbalance we feel.

My body can be here and my mind can be so many other places.  I can be on the coast of California, hiking the dormant volcanoes in Hawaii or spending time with my loving, deceased people that I have loved in this lifetime.  If I can imagine it to be true, I can experience it.

Perhaps, this is visualization, a form of meditation, a way to escape where my body is or what it feels from time to time (just to get rejuvenated).  Perhaps, it just is so.

If you’d like to imagine a place and put yourself in this place feeling what you want to feel, doing what you want to do, experiencing what you want to experience… do you know where you would want to go; do you know what you would want to do….

While your body is ‘here’, may you allow your imagination to take you ‘there’.   May you give yourself a mini vacation; even if it is just all in your mind…

Travel well….