"Grow Yourself Complete"

Here, Now

I find myself doing things as I feel them; think them, know them.  It is a new day.  I’m an evolved me.  I am learning to accept and flow from my innermost self with what I experience outside of myself.  Sometimes, ‘things’ feel a little ‘silly’ and most of the time, these silly things feel healing.  I am creating wholeness within and around me.

May you just go with your flow.  Do what feels healing to you.  Do what feels right inside of yourself to do.  Be open to your truth no matter how silly or crazy a [large or small] part of you may think it is.

Honor your inner knowing and be easy, loving, gentle and stand strong and own who, what, where, how and why you are who you are.

There is no other one on earth like you.  There is no other person that knows, feels, thinks or is exactly how you are.  There is one unique you; here and now.  Honor it.  You are like you are and you are here as you are because that is the way our Creator/God/the Universe wants it to be; perhaps.

Honor this as you honor you.  Why not…  Just maybe it and you are exactly what is needed for someone, something, somebody; even if it is for YOU only.   YOU matter.  YOU are the one that lives and feels and is.  So may you live and feel and be.

Just maybe, this is your greatest win of all time – You being You.   You having You.  You knowing and believing that you matter just as you are.   You are as you are supposed to be.

Let love in.  Let you be you.

Perhaps, the best word for accepting who we are is brilliant.

May you be brilliant; here, now, just as you are.