"Grow Yourself Complete"

Here Again

I am realizing that two sores are starting on my fingers because I have been neglecting myself in lieu of housework; homework; and organization.

I knew I was neglecting me.  I knew I was pushing too hard and my goal was a ‘complete’ home.  It’s not there yet and I have gone backwards in my health.

Yesterday, I took time for me.  I went out for 6 hours and did things that relaxed me, made me feel better about my appearance and I just breathed in the beauty of palm trees.

This morning I awaken to a new perspective; a more realistic truth.  I need to balance between what my old habits want and what/who I am today, in this moment; what I need and feel.  So, today, I will sit and go through mail that, too, has been neglected.  I will sit and enjoy/taste/smell some food; some nourishment without just eating quickly in between my ‘doings’.  Today, I will embrace sitting out on the back porch with my dogs in the yard, butterflies flying, and quiet in the air.  I will notice the beautiful palms and the greenery.  I will hear the sound of the pool circulating its own water.  I will notice the colors of the red, purple and white flowers on the plants and trees.  Perhaps, I may even go out and count the limes on the lime tree.  Perhaps, while I’m there,  I will do a few yoga poses to better wake up my whole self.

I will participate with life just as life presents itself.  There is nothing I ‘need’ to do because I say so.  lol   yikes!

May you participate in your day just as it presents itself to you while giving yourself permission to ‘do you’ as you are today.