"Grow Yourself Complete"

Hello My Friend

I have been spending a lot of time in an empty house for days now.   I am tired, uncared for by myself and creating anew; literally and figuratively.

Transitioning from ‘what is’ to ‘what is becoming’ is quite the ride.  Being with my soulmate, is a whole different story.

Today, my husband and I have been ‘dating’ for 29 years!  Wowza.  Where does the time fly and we surely have fit a lot in these 29 years!  And, while being soul mates is a beautiful thing; it is also a most challenging thing.  We push each other past our reach of peace, growth and digging to the depth of ourselves and each other.  We surely are doing this now as we consolidate all of ourselves; all of our creations in the past 29 years; all of our belongings; and all of our love.  Transparency of our relationship is showing and it doesn’t feel like the multitude of ‘color’ is all beautiful!  Yikes.

I am living in today and I look forward to seeing what the day brings.  I feel beat up some and I am not eating healthy and I’m overtaxed.  I feel like there is no end in sight and I walk through this crazy, unchained time.

I miss coming here to ‘see’ how I am doing and connecting with you.  I care whether I’m on here or not.  I care about you and I wish for you to continue ‘checking in’ with yourself and your loved ones and being real as real can be.

‘Let’s get er done’ has been my motto for the past few weeks.  May I offer to you…

To continue to grow, question, exhibit and be all that you are.  You are beautiful and I wish us all to be this beauty that our breath allows us in all our struggle, challenges, ugly and harshness that the world can be known as.

I pray for a day that war is only a card game.  It is too much to bear otherwise.  I pray for the people that are in war with each other and with themselves.  LET PEACE REIGN.  Come from love and be, share and send love as best you can, always.