"Grow Yourself Complete"

Hello. Is It You that You are Looking For

My mind has ducks and ‘quacking’ up on it.  There are two ducks out front waddling around the neighborhood.  I assume a Mr. and Mrs. looking for a place to nest.

I have a big mother/daughter (extra long) weekend planned, so, as I think of the fun that is about to be had up in here, I think about quacking up.   It is always good to have yourself a ‘quack’ up time every so often.  Big fun!  I wish that for you.

Everyday there is a physical struggle for me in it.  Mostly in the mornings lately.  I find myself laying in bed for one or two hours before I get up and actually start my day.  What comes to mind is that for years (truly) I would hear myself every morning saying I don’t want to get up.  Well, I am now not getting directly up.   It feels good.  It feels healing.  I have some guilt because it feels so good.

Why, pray tell, would I ever allow guilt in because I am doing something that feels good; whole; for me…  That is something I must rectify and, like, now…

May you allow yourself to do what feels good to you and for you and may you do it with complete allowance, openness and love; to your very best ability and with your greatest of ease.

This is what I wish for you today…  and always.