"Grow Yourself Complete"


Hello…  Is it me you are looking for…    I mean you…  Is it YOU that you are looking for…

It is an interesting time just now where change is quick, immense, loud and surpassing our comfort  zones.  It is not so much a world of ease.  It is a world of un-ease often and dis-ease.  There is so much ‘wonderful’ in our world and it is mixed with not wonderful.

We can no longer ignore the past and what it has created in us.  We can no longer ignore how we feel and/or think.  We must embrace this thing called life as best we can and move forward from where we are.

May we meet ourselves where we are at and move forward from this(these) truth(s).

It is a time where change is so different than anything we have known or experienced before.  It is a time where we are challenged in ways that we have never been challenged before.  It is a time where there is so much information at our fingertips that we feel bombarded by same.  It is a time… for us all to go within and feel, see and just be what is there.

Ohhh, this can be scary.  This can be hard.  This can be the best thing we ever can do.

Because deep within us all there is this all-knowing, all-loving, all-complete self.  We are being asked (by the universe, God; whatever you call the higher being) to do things differently, better, more open,  more as one, more.  We are being called to live our truest of self and let our self emerge from within out into the world.  We all are here now for real and true reasons.  Each one of us – being our true self – has greatness to share with this time; this world; this experience.

As we go within and find love, be love, and live love, love becomes more dominant every where we are; in everything we know and in everything we experience.

It is love that wants more breath.

May you breathe love.

Wherever you find yourself today is exactly where you are supposed to be just now.  Maybe not tomorrow, but today.

As you speak, live, share the truest of you out into ‘your’ world, your world becomes what it is supposed to be for you.

There is so much beauty within you.  There is so much beauty in our world.

It is my hope that we let beauty and love win and let fear and hate go.

This is the world I want to live in.  I must first live this within myself or I cannot possibly relate it in the outside world.

You must first find love within yourself to create the world outside of you as love.   Just what if.

The good news is, you do have it in you to do.  Do not fear; love.

Love your way forward, trust your way forward and stand strong and loving in where you are now and open to create the best of you on (and out).

Namaste beautiful one.  May you let the beauty shine from within out. 

We may have to go through a lot of ugly, some pain and much discomfort (yet, maybe we don’t).  We let go of these human traits by feeling whatever is present for ourselves and letting it go.  We allow the traits of the true universe to water us and make us grow into beautiful blossoms that synergistically live the rest of our tomorrows (as soon as possible) as one.

I believe this is what everyone wants from the depth of our own self.  If you feel different, perhaps, you need and are ready to go within to let go of any blockages that are stopping you from believing and living in unity as one.  FInd your true and beautiful happy and be that.

May you be open to the possibilities of what makes you the best version of yourself. 

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