"Grow Yourself Complete"


My health has taken a hit as I have spent the last 6 intense weeks moving out of the apartment and our home and moving into one new house.  I over did.  I’m over done.

My fingers are stiff and sore.  I have two ulcers on my fingers.  I feel anxiousness inside my being.  I feel discomfort as I feel comfort as well.  I oscillate between the two just now.

I’m starting to feel more and more like I’m home and, yet, there is much settling still happening.  I am grateful to live where I live and I know it’s my mind more than anything that gives me feelings of peace, joy, struggle, relief, tension and disharmony.

I will be aware of my thoughts and if I don’t like the thought within, I can change it to one that I like.  I am always under construction and I live each day aware, involved, loving and the best I know how.

Some days flow nice.  Others days, a pebble, stone or even a rock gets in the way of a harmonious flow.  This is the human experience.  We are here to have a human experience.  I will do my best to let my life flow through my truth in each situation and create, engage, acknowledge and participate in all the emotions, all the feelings, all the ‘rides’ and all the things that make me me.  I will not run from discomfort.  I will feel it and move through it and allow all of these human traits to enter and dwell in me for as long as they need to grow me to my complete self.  And so it is.

Ha!  Didn’t know I was going ‘here’.  And, ‘here’ is where I find myself.  I like it.  It feels right for me.  I feel spot on for now.

I stay open to participating in life in all its glory and wonder; all its strive and pain.

Human experience on.

May you live in your human experience.  Know the uniqueness that is you.  Thrive in it.  Love in it.  Do you in it.  Be you in it.  Live.  Just as it is now in this moment, Live on.  You are what is needed in our world.  Share you.

May you “Grow Yourself Complete”.

You are loved.  You matter.  You are enough.  You as you – it’s supposed to be.  Be.