"Grow Yourself Complete"


Healing is such a beautiful thing!  We can heal!

In every cell that makes us us, we can heal.  I can heal.  You can heal.

It takes an awful lot of good, empowering, powerful energy to heal.  Heal.

If you find yourself tired, let yourself rest.  It may just be part of a healing.

I have always found the human body and the way it works to be fascinating.  How glorious is it that we do nothing and we breathe; our heart beats, our food digests and so much more.  Simply miraculous.

Our bodies want to do what they were born to do.  While our body is a human form, it is also a spiritual process.

The way we come about.  The way we miraculously work on ‘auto-pilot’.  The way we heal.  There is a lot of unknown about it and it can be a trusted work of art.

Spiritual to me means trusting the unknown that we are living as; in; with and about.  The spiritual essence of myself is to be, breathe and move forward not knowing much; not knowing how I will; and not knowing (fully) from whence I came to where I am going… but trusting it all because I believe in something way bigger than myself.  ‘Spiritual’.

Of course, there are many more definitions that could be conjured and looked up I am sure.  But a positive belief in something unknown to have a miraculous outcome can be known as spirituality; to me.  Believing we are all a part of one is spirituality to me.

May you get out of your own way and let your own ‘spirituality’ live strongly within without.   May you heal and let the journey of healing take its own unknown course and just believe it is possible to be so… if this feels right for you.

I wish for you fulfillment in good health; a good life; and an excellent journey.  Believing through all the harsh experiences and challenging times propels us through life in a fulfilling, good and excellent way…  just maybe.

May you believe in your experiences, who you are and where you have been and where you are going.  May you believe in your own awesomeness.  The miracle of you.  The miracle that is YOU.  Heal.