"Grow Yourself Complete"

Having a Dream

We all have many pieces; many parts to our whole.  There are many pieces; many parts to the whole of the universe.

Each piece; each part matters.

What is inside of you matters.

May you focus on the best parts of yourself just now.   May you perfect the pieces of you that you are proud of.

Perhaps, as we do this, we empower ourselves.   Perhaps, as we do this, we empower each other.

Through open hearts and minds; through open vulnerability, may we be open to receive our greatest and best guidance to put out into the world our best self; the best part(s) or piece(s) of our own self.

May you let your gifted presence be known, seen, experienced and offered.  May we each live through the gentlest, most courageous part of ourselves and grow our world into its best and possible offerings.
With distraught in so many places and people, perhaps, this is the best time to grow and let life become a life that we all take honor, pride and gratitude in.  It starts within.  If it is not within, it just may be impossible to be without.

There are many more good people than hurt people that hurt people.

Wherever you are; whatever you are doing; whoever you are with; whatever you are feeling – let the brightest, most loving part of yourself shine in and through.

Just maybe, we then have an opportunity; a glorious opportunity, to live in a world where we all feel safe, loved and cared for.

Man, this is a world I would love to live in and you (if you want it) to live in as well…  Not just glimpses of it; but a reality of peace within and peace without in all – in most.   Whatever we can make real.

I’m open to ease, peace, love, caring, empathy, compassion and joy for myself and for each of you…

May you start at being open to what it would feel like – the awesomeness of it….

Deep breath.

Whatever your dream, as it comes from love, truth and the inner depth of you — don’t give up on your dream..  Find the dream that best fits peaceful awesomeness and may your dream be lived soon if not now.