"Grow Yourself Complete"


Just maybe we are in a ‘phase’ of feeling and being reintroduced to some of our darkest darks.  Perhaps, we are also in the place of feeling and experiencing some of our highest highs.

With this last full moon; the ‘hunter’s moon’, some say that we are able to move in, through and on from what we want to move in, through and on from or what we need to move in, through and on from; what we haven’t been able to move.  It just may be it is time and we need to move in, through and on from some things in our life that scare us; put fear in us; things that we resist.

No more fear.   Love.  Let love and your feelings lead you.

No more resisting.   You are ready.   You are able.  You are good to go.  If something has shown up for you, may you take it as a great opportunity to do ‘it’ differently, better and, perhaps, with harmony – definitely with love.

Perhaps, instead of thinking, feel.  Just feel.  Let your body respond to what you are feeling.  Let your own love be present for yourself and to yourself.

Let the harmony of who you are, what you know, what you feel, where you’ve been, where you’re going and what makes you you shine.

May you just breathe You through life.  May it feel like an easy breeze.  If there is one present, let the torrential storm pass through.  Be as kind as you can; as open as you can; as ‘feeling’ as you can.

“Feel your feels.”  Unknown

“Pain pushes until the vision pulls.”  Michael Bernard Beckwith

May you let it all just be what it is and bring your true, loving self to it and through it.  This is life.  This is living if you choose it to be so.

You have you.  You were born with you; as you.  You have everything you need to be the very best of You.  This is what I wish for you to live in; always.  As often as possible, may it be so.

“Just 9Be U…  Be yourself to completion”

May you allow harmony – beautiful harmony – to be.