"Grow Yourself Complete"


It is Fall down here in South Florida, USA.  It really just means a break in the constant hot and humid weather 24 hours a day.  I do enjoy the Fall up north as the leaves turn into bright, beautiful, vibrant colors — and against the blue sky it is gorgeous.  Perhaps, it is Autumn’s way of showing us how beautiful it can be to let things go; change things up; and allow the cycle of life to, well, ‘cycle’.

I noticed that it is getting darker earlier in the night.  The days are shorter.  The nights are getting longer.

Hibernation is more prevalent up north as it gets very cold, windy, snowy and sometimes too brutal to be out.  Here, it gets so beautiful, all I want to do is be outside.  I do understand that many look forward to the snowy, cold winters as there are many fun sports to do during this time.

I still say I belong here in Florida.  I know it.  It took me a long time to get here.  It is not how I imagined it would be from age 17 on and, I still believe in miracles and life being a good time.  I am in search of it.  And, I know, I only need to allow it…

May you allow your life to be filled with good times with a balance that keeps you thriving and keeps you your happiest. 

When we are happy, it is much easier to share happy than when we are down and/or unhappy.

May you do one thing different today to get your happy on!  My wish.