"Grow Yourself Complete"

Happy New Year 2015

I am ready to ring in the new year and I have some good food and my family to do this with.  How blessed I am.

I offered on my Facebook page, “Just 9Be U”,  to perhaps, put one (or several) things on a piece of paper that you do not want to bring into the new year with you and then burn the paper and let it (them) go…  I wish this for you as well; if it feels right for you to do so.

I am choosing to believe that what we all have experienced and ‘traveled’ through these past few years with so much change, unknowingness, adversity, challenges, really good things, world connectivity, and as our own present self, we will now bring into fruition our best selves from the inside out.

I have this belief that if we all live what is inside of us to live; from the truest depth of our self, through love; individually, together… we win.  !

I so want us all to win.  To create the world that feels happy, loving, safe and supportive for all us humans.  Even as we know sadness and disparity, we also know support, love and ability to face and live through the pain that we encounter from being ‘mere’ human.

I hope you have a wonderful transition into the New Year 2015 and I hope you choose to bring your true self with you, lovingly, into every breath and every situation you take and encounter.

May you live YOU in 2015…