"Grow Yourself Complete"

Happy 2017

We made it.  We will ring in 2017; individually, together.

There will be some births.  There will be some deaths.  There will be sad midnight hours.   There will be happy midnight hours.  Each one is huge.  Each one is important.  Each one matters.  Each one affects life as we know it.

We can look at it as a clean slate and bring our positive thoughts and hopeful ways with us.   We can do it differently from this if we choose.

It is our choice.

We can flow and accept what is happening inside of us and around us.   We can fight and dislike it; dislike the unknown and do everything but flow.

Which works best on you…  Which gives you the most peace… Which creates the most satisfaction and fulfilment inside of you…

This is what I wish for you.

In order to get it, you must wish it for yourself.  It is better when we know and think that we are deserving to have it and it works best when we open our hearts and minds to allow permission of our best selves and ease to walk into 2017 with us.

May you let the true you be you.

I often don’t know what I am going to say.  I don’t plan it out.  I don’t think it over.  I usually just let my thoughts flow from somewhere outside of myself to inside of myself to my fingers to the page.

My “just be u” came from me so badly wanting to allow myself to ‘just be me’.

So, here I am being me.  I will continue to be me.  I’d like to give myself complete freedom and permission to just be and share myself again and again and again.

I know that I love.  I know that I care.  I know that I want to be helpful.   I know that I want to enjoy life.   This is me, along with all my other emotions, feelings, thoughts and ways.

So, here I am being me.   2017 I will be the greatest, best-est and let whatever I feel to be, be.

May you bring your greatest and best-est and let whatever you feel to be, be.  It is what will create our best, most truest; I hope passionate and loving self and life within ourselves; individually, together to be.

Happy 2017.  !!!