"Grow Yourself Complete"

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!   Hard to believe as it seems like yesterday that 1999 seemed so far away!  Life is really a mystery in many ways.

I’d like to offer to bring your best self into 2016.  Bring the self that you are from within.  The self that you want to be.  The self that makes you most content, happy, loving and fulfilled.

2016 – the numbers add up to 9!  This excites me as 9 can mean completion.  It can mean that we are complete or have completed things; we will honor and know complete-ness.  From this, new beginnings can and are possible.

What are you willing to let go of (that no longer serves you)…  What would you like to add to your daily thinking and/or doing on an everyday basis…  What direction will you allow your dreams to take you…  What is your body needing attention to…  Are you willing to listen to the soft, quiet voice within you wishing and waiting to be heard and attended to…

These questions we can always ask ourselves.  It is okay to not have all the answers.  It is okay to not want to ask questions of self.  It is okay wherever you are and whatever you are feeling.  It is okay.  It is you; in this moment.

May you love yourself through.  Wherever you are, may you ‘be’ there with you…