"Grow Yourself Complete"


We are being asked to live authentically.  We are being shown that there is no place to hide; no place for untruths.

Truth today leads to our truest path tomorrow.

Many of us do not know how to easily live without our public persona on; our masks that we have learned to show our world in each and every circumstance outside of one’s self.

We are being asked to be true to our self and each other.  We are being forced (in some forms, perhaps) to share what is inside of us outside of ourselves.

This can possibly be the greatest thing(s) we could do.  And, many of us have to learn this.

That who we are inside is who we are meant to be outside.

Most of us want love.  The majority of us want to be heard, seen and accepted.  There is much peace that comes with just being who we are in every situation we encounter.

Come from kindness.  Build on truth.  Open up to existence.  Question everything.

There are new answers to reach for.  There are new ways to do things.  There are emotions to emote easily.  There is a new camaraderie to live through.

I am realizing it takes too much energy to pretend.  Too much energy to resist.  Too much energy to be someone I am not.  Too much energy to concern myself on what I think I ‘should’ be or do rather than just being and doing.

When it comes easy, it is the right path.  When we get excited, it is the right thing.  When we feel whole, it is the best option.

We all have fears.  We all have some really good attributes.  We all have different nuances.  We all are learning the truth of ourselves and opening up to the guidance that comes from within being a great way to ‘travel’.

May you just be yourself and may you feel when it is for you and open up to it.  May you feel when it’s not your favorite path and open up to other options. 

It is a process.  It is a learned way.  It is relearning what we were taught during different times.

However, listen to your feelings; hear your thoughts; feel your way – let love lead.  These are the teachings of today.

What is right for one most likely is not right for another.  Be the unique you that your soul yearns to be and experience; live and shine out of.

In this, we are better.  In this, our world is better.  Let’s be and do better individually, together.

The time is now.

I find myself in silence as I process what is inside me, around me and a part of me as I open up to any and all possibilities of what comes next.

We are limitless beings and we, maybe just now, more collectively than ever, are believing, feeling and allowing this to be so.

Unlimit yourself.  Thrive in the peaceful beingness of you.