"Grow Yourself Complete"


My dogs are getting groomed in a grooming van in my driveway.  The woman comes and washes and cuts their hair.  They love it.  They wait at the front door excitedly until she gets here and they wag their tails and run when she arrives.  It is cute.  It is time consuming. I am grateful that I do not have to do it and that they love her.

Today is Columbus Day in America so it is a holiday for some from work and school.  The regular routine is changed and it opens the door for something different and maybe exciting or productive in a different way.

I have done much already.  I am still finding places for ‘stuff’ and I am still decorating to surround myself with ‘happy’.  I enjoy the decorating very much.

Yet, I do get discouraged and frustrated when I am unable to do something or if I hurt my hands while trying to do something.

I do what I can.  Sometimes, it feels enough.  Sometimes, it does not.

Perhaps, all I need to do is give myself permission to let my truth be enough…

May you let the truth of you and your life be enough.