"Grow Yourself Complete"


I recently realized that there is a difference in knowing gratitude; being grateful for and feeling gratitude.  When I was offered to feel the gratitude in my body that I was sharing, I immediately felt my heart opening up and outward.  It was quite beautiful.

I’d like to offer you to know gratitude; talk about gratitude; think in grateful terms; share your thanks and, especially to feel gratitude within your body.  Allow it to spread throughout the experience of the moment that you are feeling gratitude.

Let gratitude permeate your body, mind and soul to relax; open up to; and experience the joy of being thankful.  It carries one far.

May you let gratitude carry you far.  May you experience it within, without and in as many moments of your life as possible.

Gratitude on, in and out.  May you allow your whole being to feel it.