"Grow Yourself Complete"

Grateful. Thankful. Honored.

In America it is Thanksgiving Day.  It is a day where we can take extra time to be aware of all that we have to be grateful for.  It is a day of feasting.  It is a day of being with those that we love.

I am grateful for my loved ones; my animals; my comfort; ease; support and help; my ability to support and help; beautiful nature; the awareness of my breath; clothes to wear; food to eat; uplifting movies and TV shows; entertainment like Cirque De Soleil; music to dance to and move to; my own ability to move; and, while it is even hard to write—I am thankful to have known scleroderma in the way that it has brought me to my knees and sent me to the depth of myself.   

It has given me awareness of the tiniest things that I have learned that deserve my greatest appreciation.  My husband asking me what I need.  My experience that I can be in pain and still choose love.  Someone smiling at me.  My heart connecting with another’s heart.  How one breath can change tension in my body.  How one thought either can ease the way I feel or destroy a most blessed moment.  My ability to look for the blessings in what feels challenging.  The choice and energy to do what one wants to.    

It is said that we may not remember a conversation or a reason for a connection with someone but we do remember how being with a person makes us feel.   

On my deathbed, I do not think that I will say I wish I had more or that I wish I worked more.  On our deathbeds, perhaps, we are grateful for the love we have shared.  It is the only thing we can take with us; just maybe.   

So, Happy Thanksgiving to you if you celebrate it.   

Anyone of us can choose gratitude and thankfulness at any time.  

May you know what you feel gratitude for.  May you even thank the person(s) or the situation(s) that has(have) honored you.   

May you be sure to include yourself; as you and what you do is what helps to create your life experience.  May you be sure to honor yourself.

May you even, just maybe, make a pact that you are and will be kind, available, truthful and honorable to yourself and as many people and situations as possible.  And, it is always possible if we just give ourselves permission that this is who we want to be.

Give thanks.

It amazes me how blessed we are when we open up to the endless possibilities of life.

Even in darkness there are blessings.  May you look for them as often as feels best to you.

Thankfulness on…

May your heart be full along with your belly!