"Grow Yourself Complete"

Give and Take

I find myself still working on the balance of receiving and giving love and care.  It still feels a bit strange for me to take without giving.  It always makes me feel good to ‘give’; to support.

I believe that it all balances out in the end in the exact form and way it is meant to.  I still need to learn to get out of my own way and let people give me and help me just because.

I feel honored and blessed when I give.  I also feel a great honor and blessing from receiving.  Opening up to receiving does not feel as easy to me as giving.

I understand the feeling that I get when giving.  Why would I not enable another to feel this same satisfaction…  Allowing another the gift of giving by receiving, perhaps, can also be looked at as a gift.  I do understand that the gift of giving is a gift to myself.

How beautiful and loving is this part of life.  The balance of devotion to one another.  I love it.  I breathe easier for it.  When we support one another, we support life; we support a better way.

May you be open to a balance of giving and receiving. 

Namaste.  Live wild and open your heart.  Let your soul shine out.  Cherish and share in the power of both giving and receiving.  Perhaps, it is something we are meant to do.