"Grow Yourself Complete"

Getting It Done

What ripples over there eventually comes here and vice versa.

There are wonderful changes and growth of many things going on that are implemented that make our lives easier.  For instance, these keys under my fingers – they give me information to anything that I want to know.  They give us a quick connection to each other.  How easy this is!  How overwhelming it can feel and be at times too.

While we are creating anew more together than ever, many of us are flabbergasted by our daily interactions, things that test our patience and lessons that teach us that there are, indeed, new paths being laid.  It can be a brilliantly exciting time if we allow it and it can be a brilliantly trying time as well.

May you choose to lovingly participate in what feels right to you.  May you choose to send love to what you cannot control or do not know how to be involved in and may you know your truth first before deciding what is best for the situation that arises in any given moment.