"Grow Yourself Complete"


I have learned that fulfillment has a new meaning to me.  It means to be able to bring my truest of self into each situation and live out from there.  And, within this empowering way of life, I know I walk my best path forward and everything is okay… not everything will be okay…  Everything is okay because I walk in my truth which is my life; my lessons; my purpose to be alive.  
It is not even close to being about just ‘me’ and ‘my’.  Without ‘you’, it wouldn’t be so affective, effective or riveting.  It is about what I share, offer, communicate and bring to our world.  It is about what you share, offer, communicate and bring to our world.  This is where we all come in as together, living and breathing wholeness. 
May we all support each other to be and live our truest of selves and let our paths create the true fulfillment most of us are searching for.
May you allow yourself fulfillment (whatever it means to you).