"Grow Yourself Complete"

Frustration Energy

A good goal is to not let our energy get stagnant.  Be in touch with the energy that wants its freedom, the energy that is stifled and the energy that wants to move on.  To feel our energy and help it to move through and around us is a positive and growth inducing thing.

The big picture of our life (when we see it) is more clear, understandable and not too scary.  The small (in the moment) place that we usually find ourselves in is sometimes not clear; can be completely indecipherable at times; and can be uncomfortable and scary a lot of the time.

And, it is in these in between places of torment, indecision, and insecurity that we can create the most magical future self.

It is these feelings that propel us to do different, create anew and move forward or along.  It is our discomfort that makes us want to find a new comfort.

May you find comfort through your discomfortThe only way to it is through it.  May you allow yourself to be, feel, know and be what you are today.  May you allow yourself to lovingly and gently grow through to the next and new evolved YOU as you truly live the you that you are today.