"Grow Yourself Complete"


Today there are many changes in our day-to-day lives.

From credit card chips; to wearing a bracelet that tells us our heart rate and how many steps we take daily and sends this information to our phone; to telephone numbers showing up on our TV screens when we receive home calls; to airplane travel where it is a much longer process and passports are needed and used for many flights; to the many choices and options that we have on any particular product.  Change is everywhere.  Tons of information is right at our finger tips.

We are not living in a stable, no change environment.  We are living in constant change.  It feels this way to me anyway.

We are changing on the inside as well.  Being more aware of our own actions and taking responsibility for our thoughts and connections, we are realizing how much our thoughts and actions create our lives.  More and more of us are, perhaps, challenged and ready to take on this challenge.

Perhaps, we have all ‘contracted’ to be here at this time, together, to create a new and better way of enjoying this thing called life.

I know that I am ‘game’.  !  With so many elements, I am finding it best to just go with the flow and bring my true self to each situation that arises.

May you flow with the elements of your own individual life. May you honor your life. May you bring your calm, true, and innate self into every situation that you find yourself in; to the best of your ability. This is the beauty, the power and the peace you can choose to be; and to have.