"Grow Yourself Complete"


My daughter gave me her ‘Fitbit’.  Ha.  When I ran Beachin Bodies [‘Make Yourself a Beachin Body!’], my monthly newsletter was called Fit Bits.

Now, there is a ‘Fitbit’ on my wrist and it does excite and encourage me to move more.  I find myself at night, that if I am close to the next full mile, I will walk in place to just get to that mile.  I’m excited that I want to and that I can too!

My health is okay.  I have, for now, a group of doctors providing me the medicines that make it easier for me to get up, move and walk through pain and anxiousness about possible pain.

One brilliant doctor, a while ago, suggested that having scleroderma was like living with a sort of terrorism – one never knows when it will strike.  And, that surely feels true for me.  The thought of the pain coming can mess with me just as much as having the pain present.

I have a doctor that supports me now; kind of sort of.  I have a pharmacy who is very helpful.  I have other professionals that know how to support me and I surely know how to support myself with the ‘safety net’ of these professionals.

I am grateful for everything I have been through and experienced because it has made me who I am today.  Life has challenged me to grow and go deeper within.

I am strong, loving, open and I trust the ever-changing life that we all are living in and through.  I still have moments when all I can do is sit and breathe.  However, even in my ‘just be’ moments, I am allowing myself to know fulfillment because I am trusting that this is right where I am supposed to be.

Sometimes, my human mind interferes and wants more.  Even then, I know that it is all a part of being human.  I do my best not to let guilt, strife or worry in.   I do my best to stay connected to my trust, knowing that I am enough and love.

I don’t always win.  I always am aware.   For now, this is enough.

So, just like my ‘Fitbit’ keeps me aware of my ‘on the move’ status.  My human mind keeps me aware that I am human.  And, my ‘knowingness’ keeps me aware of self-talk, chatter, and the place(s) I want to find myself and give myself permission to enter and participate in.

May you be your own ‘bit of fitness’ and let your awareness be followed by kindness, trust, knowing that you are enough and allowing love to lead you.  May you move whenever you can get yourself to do so.  And do so again and again and again.

We don’t have to be perfect, we only need to let our own self breathe, be and live from whatever is inside of us from the best place of love we can connect to.