"Grow Yourself Complete"


As you are your inner self out in your world, you ignite the fire within to flame without.

When you give yourself permission to breathe, know, be, and share who you are from the deepest part of yourself, you give others permission and you, just maybe, empower the world to be at its best.

Everything we need for this life that we are living, we already have inside of us; to connect us and walk us through our whole lifetime.



I have nothing really to offer here.  I’m just trying and/or forcing myself to come up with something because I want the connection.  I want to share.  I want to feel like I am giving and feel productive and worthy.  So, I start with what is on my mind.  And, I feel myself somewhat pushing out words instead of allowing them to just flow.

This is new to me just now.  Having silence in sharing is new.  Having silence because I really don’t have anything to say or share is interesting.

I let myself sit in this silence.  This feels so much easier than ‘pushing’ out words.

May you choose the easy side of living you as often as possible.  It just may create the best of you; the truth of you; and the awesomeness of you…

YOU and our world is worth it to try…  Give yourself permission to let your life be easy; to look at your life as being easy.

See where you go with it.  See how it feels.

May you give yourself permission to just be you; easily.