"Grow Yourself Complete"

Fine Tuning

I am sitting here at my desk while the piano tuner tunes the piano.  Wow.  I can feel each key vibrate through me.  The lower notes are much easier to feel than the high notes.  The high notes hit me like a force in my chest and back and reverberates my inside(s).

I can sit here and let it ‘haunt’ me or I can sit here and let it reverberate my inside(s).  I just took the dogs for a walk to get a break.  It is my choice how I continue to process it.

The piano was not delivered intact.  The foot pedal is messed up and there was an already noticed dent in it.  Did I tell you that they delivered it without the legs and had to bring the legs the next day…  It is better with legs…

A storm is approaching.  The sky is dark.  The air is windy.  The trees and dirt from the grass just being cut are blowing haphazardly.  Maybe they hear the piano tuning also!  lol

I have called an ‘intuitive healer’ as recommended by my dentist.  This may prove to be interesting.  I know that I know what needs to be done.  I need to just live, just exercise, just share my vulnerability and ‘just do it’.  And, yet, part of me wants to see what the ‘healer’ has to offer and the other part of me is tired of paying others to not have my answers to a good, strong health within myself.  I have been searching a long time.

See what happens.  It is fun if nothing else to see what is out there, offered, played with, examined, prescribed and shared.  I find it fascinating really.  So many paths, so many beliefs, so many thoughts and what works for one does not work for another.  If we believe it will, it mostly will.  If we believe it won’t, it mostly won’t.

I have always believed I would be healed.  Well…  I still believe.

I am open to full health and prosperity, ease and fun.

May you be open to what vibrates your ‘happy’ and ‘fulfillment’ the best.  Give yourself permission to receive it and live it.