"Grow Yourself Complete"


“Fear is a natural reaction we have when moving closer to the truth.”  Pema Chodron

While I am noticing fear less and less in my life just now, I am noticing challenges, change and action into what propels me forward.

I do believe as we get closer to living and sharing our true self, fear does get louder (perhaps) because ‘ego’ wants to keep us where we are.  We (even though we may not like it)  know that we can live through what we are living through because we are doing such.

With change; the unknown, we are not quite as certain.  We are, perhaps, unsure if we can survive in different circumstances; different areas; different careers; different relationships; different thinking patterns ONLY because we have not done so.

I’m here to voice that YES WE CAN.  YES, we can survive in all kinds of circumstances, climates, changes, patterns, relationships, careers, etc.   YES WE CAN.   YES YOU CAN.

We survive until we do not.  We may as well thrive as best we can today.  Let go of the outside and inside ‘noise’ that is unhelpful.  If you find your mind going ‘there’ and it doesn’t feel ‘right’, let your mind rest on what feels ‘right’.   Breath is always ‘right’.  (just saying)

How do we know the difference — does it feel real…  Is this what your circumstance truly is just now….  Do you know 100% for certain that this is the truth….

Go where you know reality, your true reality lies…   Breathe, feel and own your grandness through.  My hope is that we do not let anger, fear, or hurt put a false mask/cover on our life any more.

I can only be open to achieving this in every breath I take.

May you achieve peace within so peace without is possible.