"Grow Yourself Complete"


I feel like there is a big universal fan on and it is blowing information, people, walks of life, thoughts, and ideas all into coagulating together….

I can’t catch or let go of just one ‘fly by’ situation or thought.  It is as if we are all swirling as one big tornado with each of us being a particle of the same ‘storm’.   I feel like information and feelings are at an all time high.

Bring your true self into it; with it; through it; around it; away from it as best you can in the manner that serves the deepest and most connected part of you and your complete truth.

Honor what you feel, no matter how or what you feel, through your eyes of love and light.  If, [just if] you find yourself feeling like you are a particle being thrown around without your own consent – hear, honor and respond to exactly what it is that you feel inside.  Be with your breath and these feelings and watch as you stay open to the opportunity to be the ‘eye of the storm’.  Find your peace, quiet, gentleness and calm and walk on from here obeying what feels best on and inside of you.

Together, we heal.  Together, we grow.  Together, we create.

May you bring your most unique, loving and whole self into the togetherness of our world.

Party on!   Yikes…  !?!?