"Grow Yourself Complete"

Face Place

I am growing my “Facebook” (FB)  page “Just 9Be U, LLC” and it is exciting and it is interesting.  My hope in growing it is the same as here but not so much ‘behind the scenes’ as I am here…  To reach out and promote self love, self-awareness and self-living — to support others to grow one’s self into their best and truest version of their self.

I started this 9BeU.blogspot blog because something inside of me told me to do so.  I didn’t even know what a ‘blog’ was.  I found it to be a great release; a great ‘listener’; and a great learning experience to actually see and ‘visit’ where I find myself in my life and even with what I am feeling.  It has been a beautiful lifeline for myself.  And, to see people reading my posts and coming back for more helps me to connect to my best and truest version of my self.  It empowers me.  You empower me.  (Thank you.)

Sometimes, I would write away as the words came through me (this is how I mostly find myself in gurgitation here) and upon reading what I had written, I would learn and understand myself more.  Very interesting indeed.

With Facebook, I am cautious and less open about me; however, I am open to complete inner knowing, complete freedom to openly share with what ‘shows up’ within myself to post.

I have met wonderful and amazing people.   I have encountered some scary things and very different people from myself.

In fact, I’ve been having issues with my eyesight some.  It is as if I can see clearly but there is a jumpiness/shading/discomfort in what my eyes are feeling.  I’m wondering today if this is that I don’t know how to ‘see’ a lot of what I am encountering on FB.

There is a lot of beautiful things in our world.  Sadly, there is a lot of pain and horrendous things yet also.

So, as I am seeing more, I have to learn how to adjust, readjust and adjust some more deeper into myself to process, deal with, send love to and change what is in my power to change so less pain and hardship is alive.

Hurt people hurt people.  Of this I am certain.  When I am not hurting, I cannot hurt anything or any one.  When I am hurting, I am not as openly loving and secure in my own vulnerability.

I’m ready to take this next step.  I am strong enough to explore this ‘wholeness of our world’.  I ask for it to come slow and for me to know and be able to experience, ‘see’ and rally through to the better side of things for all of humankind.

May we all just be touched by exactly what we are able to portray in a brighter, more true and loving way that changes the existence of pain and hardship into love and endless, wonderful possibilities.  May we all meet on the plane of love and endless possibilities as soon as humanly possible.  Let us ‘catch up’ with our soul spirits that already understand this astral plane.  Amen.

Note:  This was a post I had posted in my regular, ongoing personal blog.  I often transfer these personal posts over to here excluding the version of what I am experiencing in the present time included.  I felt this to be so powerful that I just copied (without any changes) this as is over here to my professional webpage.  Thank you.  Have an authentic and evolve/change your world through love and be open to endless possibilities kind of day.