"Grow Yourself Complete"


Sometimes, all we can do is experiment.

Without experimenting, we do not know many outcomes.  Without experiencing things our self, we do not know how one feels (or 100% how we would feel) regarding certain situations and/or circumstances.

Homeostatis is about our body working all in unison; smoothly; as one complete and comfortably stable self.  To not be in homeostasis is to not be one’s whole and true self.

–  Owning our Feelings and Getting our Needs Met –

I am sure a lot of how we feel is what we bring forth from childhood.  Things I told myself about my feelings and of not getting my needs met.  Things I told myself of being, perhaps, too needy.  Things I told myself that I was wrong and incorrect to feel a certain way.  Things other people told me that I took to as truth and it had nothing to do with me.

Hmm.  Interesting indeed.

That is all ‘bull’.  I am allowed to get my needs met.  It is my job to get my needs met.  It is okay to need.  Being in need is part of being human.  Feeling is a part of being human.  Feeling is a wonderful part of life.  Could we imagine life without feelings in it…  How dull it would be.

Feelings just may be our human way of creating, following, allowing, growing and becoming a better version of our self.  Feelings can fulfill us.  Feelings can feel ‘un-fun’.  And, yet, these ‘un-fun’ feelings are what changes our path or let’s us know that we can do different, better, more or even less than we are doing.

May you experiment with your feelings by allowing them and even befriending them.  Your feelings are real for you.  Your feelings are what makes you you.  No one else feels exactly 100% all the time the way you feel.  How unique we all are.

Feel away.  Allow love to be present as much as possible.  Allow openness to bring you forward through evolving, transforming, becoming and, yes, feeling all that is present to feel.  It is time to feel the real you [all of who you are] and let your feelings guide you with your breath, your self, your life and your experiences.

May you feel everything that presents it self to you; perhaps, through love, compassion, gentleness and truth.

  May you find a way to feel that also allows fulfillment. 

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