"Grow Yourself Complete"

Evolving You

There is much talk about the “Shift” and “Awakening” and “being awake”….

There is much talk about this last blood moon, that is happening now, when the moon is behind the earth and it allows for much growth towards our truest of selves.

Exciting times.  Challenging times.  Changing times.

May I offer to bring your true self into every situation as best you can.  Be open minded and breathe into your self.

Be who you are from a place of trust, love and inner knowing as best you can.

Be true to you through kindness and gentleness.

‘See’ what is in front of you and flow with it from your truest of self.

This, I believe, is what the universe is asking of all of us.  And, I believe it is for our highest good.

It may not feel so.  It may feel downright uneasy or close to impossible.

Stay open to the big picture and follow the path as you know it to be; in front of you now – as you are now.  Follow your inner guidance; trust the process of your life; and, as I often say — trust yourself to be there and know/do/and be everything that you are in the time it shows itself to you.

You are okay.  Live in your now from your most loving and truthful place.

May this propel you into your fulfilled, content and your whole self.