"Grow Yourself Complete"

Evolving; Transforming

We evolve on.  We transform on.  It is probably good if we trust on and love on also.

May you trust on.   May you love on.

Let love lead you into your true self and keep you on your best path.  May you trust yourself to do this.  May you trust the process that your life is embedded in or is embarking upon just now.

The Universe has us.  God has us.  The greater/greatest power than our own self has us.

You have you; if and as you choose to.  We can have each other; if and as we choose to.  You matter.  I care.  Let your mind step away from itself and you to, perhaps, see more clearly.  Be the ‘watcher’ of your own self.   Observe, learn; let in the truth of ‘you’ just now.

We can believe that everything that is happening is here to teach us a ‘mere mortal’ lesson.  As we let go and forgive ourselves and each other; as we support our own self and each other, we are evolving, transforming, growing, becoming and being everything that we are destined to, yet, live out.

Whatever you feel that may be negative towards self or self-condescending is not your truth and most likely not who you really are.  You are not losing your mind.   You are not losing yourself.  Life is happening all around us and within us.  This is the bigger picture; the most true.

You are responding to your surroundings; your life.  Let your truth and the place of love within you guide you.

May you respond favorably, be your own best friend and, please, do not ever beat yourself up for being who you are.   Instead, love yourself through.  My wish; my hope for you.

Be cool man, be cool…