"Grow Yourself Complete"


“Enlightenment”, “Vibration”, “Levels”, “Attunement”, “Windows”, “Ascension”

I see these words used frequently when talking about change, the way of our world and regarding individual positions in life.

Perhaps, these words all mean the same thing.  Living them is most important.  Experience is what I wish to convey, share and do.  And, if you like and use these words, may they bring you your best self.  That is always the goal for me.  Being our best of self.

Enlightenment is my favorite.  However, I’m learning labels are less important to me than feeling what you are feeling and experiencing same.

I saw someone have a huge ‘aha’ moment this morning.  My whole inside and out is happy and dancing on.  I feel so happy for this person and grateful that I got the experience of their aha moment.

It was about feeling each other’s feelings, needs, desires.  Getting in one another’s skin and feeling.  Opening to what the truth that lies right here in front of us.  Feeling this truth and responding in truth.


I believe that just maybe all of the words above are doing just this.  Sharing each other’s lives in a way that we act, feel, are and know each other’s magic; wonder and struggles.   Openness in its most grandest form.

May you be open to let people in under your beautiful skin and being open enough to want to know what is under another person’s façade.

In this, our world is whole; just maybe this is wholeness.   This intimacy that was spoken of; perhaps, this is the way to create our best world by caring deeply about one another and sharing what is inside of ourselves through as much love as possible.

Being intimate with our own truth and others.   Man, does this make my whole being smile.

May you find what makes your whole being smile and may you live it openly and as best you can.  Let love lead you.  Let love be you.  Let love in.  Let love out.

Compassion on; inward and outwardly.  (I write this because a psychologist had told me that they were not sure about love; but they are sure about what compassion is.  Perhaps, it is one and the same.)

Green is the color for healing.  Feel the whisper of healing, love, compassion, and the true depth of you.  Perhaps, in the whisper is where the most important ‘knowing’ is found.