"Grow Yourself Complete"

Energy Healer

I went to an ‘energy healer’ today.  We went in deep to what was in deep.  Ha.

I connected with my fear of stepping out of my non-doing and into my doing; anew  It keeps coming back to me just letting me be me.  Allowing myself to embrace all that I feel; all that I want to do;  all that I want to be; and all that I am.

This is where ‘Just 9Be U’ comes from – my deepest and greatest desire – to just be me and be at peace being me.  I wish the same for you.

Be like ‘air’ is what I was told.  I take this as to allow what is to flow, which is what I see myself often writing and talking about.

Trusting the process of life; letting life flow through us and bring our truth to each situation.  I hesitate knowing/doing me when another is affected in a non-positive way.  I also know in my brain that ‘others’ are the only ones that can choose a positive or negative action/reaction.  We are each in charge of our own thoughts.  And, I still allow myself to get stifled.  I guess that all my cells haven’t bought in to or caught up to what my brain knows. ! .

This comes from my actions and reactions not being supported in the way I needed to be supported when I was a child.  I was not encouraged to be the real me. Circumstances didn’t open a space for it.   Children were to be seen and not heard.  Children were not trusted to know themselves until they became adults; often, in my world.  Even then, we were not always set free to be what made us happy.  I am forever grateful that I was set free as a young adult.

I’m happy to see children are more trusted and encouraged now with support and help, yet, not everyone ‘plays’ this way.  I look forward to the day that we all ‘play’ to support and empower each other only to live from love, not worry or fear.

May you know what you want and allow yourself to (at the very least) offer it out [speak it]; reach for it.

May you let children be people (be trusted) while bringing your true loving self to each situation that arises.  Is it your fear or your own experience/belief that may be holding a child back…  [If, in fact, you find yourself holding a child back.]  Sometimes, this may be a question to ask ourselves.

Are you holding yourself back for the same reasons…  fear, beliefs, who you are in each particular moment.

May you let yourself gooooooo….

Be like air- flow.

Be like bamboo – bend.

Be like a flower – bloom.

Be like the divine – love.

Be like you want to be – live.

I know that as we just be ourselves, we empower others to just be themselves…  Let’s empower each other on.

Note:  I do believe that we know our children and ourselves better than anyone.  We live with same.  When we live from our best self, we do the best we can.  No judgment.  My only thoughts are that, perhaps, we will support our best and happiest selves forward; to not let fear and/or worry be a priority.  Let open minded/open hearted love be the priority.  I honor your journey.