"Grow Yourself Complete"

Emotions and Thoughts

How many different emotions do you feel each day…  Do you feel the same ones each day…  Do you feel some more than others…  Do you wish you would feel one or more differently than your ‘normal’ feelings now…

How many thoughts do you think each day…  Do you know that out of the thoughts we think each day – close to 75% of them we rethink again and again…day after day.

Awareness.   ‘They’ say awareness comes first.

Awareness of your emotions; awareness of your thoughts.  With this awareness, perhaps, comes a chance to change things up.  With our thoughts, we create our emotions.

If there is just one thought; one sentence, that you want to stop thinking today, which would it be…  Perhaps, you can catch yourself thinking it and say ‘no more’.  Perhaps, you can replace it with a different; another thought.

If I hear myself saying, “Man, I’m a nervous wreck”, I am training myself to be a nervous wreck.  When I hear myself thinking this, I can say “no more”.  I can choose “I am calm, cool and collected.” over a nervous wreck. This feels way better to me and ‘in’ me than my first, original thought.

I can do this as often and whenever I catch myself.  Eventually, I win.  The one who thinks the thoughts.

Perhaps, when you feel yourself feeling an emotion that you’d rather not feel, may you ask yourself “Am I feeling this for real reasons or just because I am used to this feeling?”  I can breathe deep.  I can replace it with noticing my breath.  I can replace it with a more preferred emotion.   I can do this again and again and again until I, the one who feels the emotions, change.

May you allow your own awareness.  May you think the thought you prefer.  May you feel the emotion you enjoy.

I’m not saying to not feel what you truly feel.  I am saying be sure there is a current, in your face, reason to feel same.

Hey, YOU are worth it.  YOU are in charge of your own thoughts and feelings.  Make YOU happy.  Make YOU happen… from the inside out.

Have fun with it.  No judgment.  No demanding.  Only ease because you are wanting to change.  Only awareness and processing through to the YOU that you fully are and that you want to be.

Happy, Fulfilled YOU.